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02-24-2012, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
That doesn't really do much to defend Gainey's decisions...

Does Bob Gainey strike you as the type of person who would let some "suit" dictate to him how to run his team?

was he really that hard up for cash that he couldn't risk standing his ground?

I don't buy it.

Every owner wants to make the playoffs, and every GM is under "pressure" to ice a team capable of making the playoffs.

You hire a guy with the prestige/pedigree of a Gainey to let him do his job, not to push him around and make him do what he's told (that's why you hire a Garth Snow )

i appreciate that people are desperate to find excuses to explain the mediocrity of Gainey's tenure, but unfortunately, the reality is that he wasn't a very good GM. He outspent most of the league to build a winner in Dallas, and when he lost that competitive edge, he proved inept at building a contending roster. The reality is that he inherited a lineup, not unlike the one we have now, that had several quality pieces in place... instead of building from that and icing a contending team, his lack of vision led to counter-productive decisions and asset squandering that led to a consistent level of mediocre play with the occasional up/down swing.
the '09 summer debacle sums up his tenure pretty well. If it were not for the league-best drafting we've had since Timmins has been running that department, we'd be looking at a much bleaker picture today.
As I said before, I actually feel like Gainey's first half wasn't all that bad. I can't help but think that his personal tragedies had to have a negative effect on the 2nd part of his tenure. I mean seriously, you go through something like that... how can you think straight?

Yes, he ultimately turned out to be a bad GM but I can forgive him given the circumstances.

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