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02-24-2012, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
As I said before, I actually feel like Gainey's first half wasn't all that bad. I can't help but think that his personal tragedies had to have a negative effect on the 2nd part of his tenure. I mean seriously, you go through something like that... how can you think straight?

Yes, he ultimately turned out to be a bad GM but I can forgive him given the circumstances.
no doubt...

Gm's, coaches, players... these are all people and at various times will experience personal tragedies/issues that impacts their ability to perform.

i wonder if "forgiving" a professional for poor performance is really necessary? It's not like he "tried" to make the team mediocre, or willfully made moves he knew were "bad"... he just made a lot of mistakes, and ultimately performed poorly in his job.

Gainey's remains a well-respected and revered member of the Montreal Canadiens heritage, his accomplishments as a player with the organization rightfully ensure that this will never (or should never) change. But much like Houle or Tremblay, his tenure away from the ice was a failure, and unfortunately is part of his story with the team... the "excuses", no matter how legit or understandable, don't change the end result.

It's frustrating to see that he still has a hand in how the team is run, and it's why ownership is ultimately culpable for this ongoing mess. Gainey & his chosen successor need to go, and the longer they have their hand in the direction of the team, the greater the blame for our continued mediocrity rests in ownerships hands.

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