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02-24-2012, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by habitue View Post
Why is he on the bench? Just figure !
Apparently it's because he's making turnovers, but the coach and the NHL don't agree.
RC said he benched AK in one game because of them, but the NHL recorded none in the same game.

Also, why is he with Gomez?

Martin never liked AK. Remember his comment after AK's hot start last year? When asked by a journalist why AK was playing so well, Martin answered ''contract year''.
Couple games later, despite leading the team in points with Plek, AK gets demoted down to the 2nd line to play with Gomez and Gionta. A period after, Gionta gets promoted on the Plek line while AK gets to play with a struggling Gomez and Darche. Yup, that's really how things go for AK. He's the only player I know that gets demoted when playing well.

This year, same thing with RC. AK plays well with Eller, so he's given Gomez and 11-14min of ice time.

But are you really going to support line managing from RC?
The man refuses to split up our best line, he gives our best center(Plek) a third line role with grinders and a top6 player(Bourque) that doesn't click with him all that well, our other top 6 player(AK) is dropped from third line to fourth line for no apparent reason, our least productive regular forward (Gomez) that had not scored in over a full calendar year and only has 2 goals gets regular PP ice time, while our 4th best goal scorer at ES gets none...
I mean really, RC's line management is atrocious. It's actually embarrassing. He has made zero efforts in trying to switch his lines. None. Despite our team losing, and looking bad.

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