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02-24-2012, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by ClasslessGuy View Post
PG is saying that because he wants to shop him to 1 team only

anyway i'm happy with that decision
Not sure what makes you happy about it. If Gauthier calls him an untouchable, yet Moen wants to test the market and leaves, will you still be okay? There's actually nothing to be happy about it......yet. The end-result of him staying at a relatively small price at the price of a longer term, might be what will be pleasant about it. But at this time, if he's too hurt to be traded, that means that it's possible we had in mind to trade him but can't 'cause he's gone for the season. If he signs back and ask for the moon and Gauthier feels he has no choice, if we let him go for nothing etc.....There would be NOTHING to be happy with.

My team is dead last in the conference. There are NOBODY on my team that are untouchables. NO-BO-DY. Some are way more expensive, obviously. But a team decides to be stupid and I wouldn't accomodate them? Come on. Unless Gauthier knows there are no more stupid GM's in this league....See a younger and more productive Moen like Pacioretty, THAT could be called untouchable. But geez, even for him....throw your offers and I'll see about it.

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