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Originally Posted by lamp9post View Post
I think Gauthier has shown an awareness and concern for the state of the Bulldogs, so I do think he will take this into consideration in any trades he might make (especially now, given the Hab's current standing). Ultimately, however, if we get a great offer for a regular that requires us to call up a key piece from Hamilton as a replacement, so be it. Giving NHL minutes to young guys like Palushaj and Leblanc could develop them as much or more than an AHL playoff series could.
Agreed as the trade for MacIntrye and Dawes showed it last year, just worried how things will go this year since it's a much different situation than past years. I also agree on guys like Palushaj/Leblanc getting NHL minutes can be better for them, but I also consider this a catch 22 in that this team is a complete mess and losing is a bad environment, i really hate the fact that Leblanc has played only 25 games in the AHL this year and the fact that in mid April him and some of our other top pro prospects could be sitting at home.

Originally Posted by nilan30 View Post
I guess I just have a soft spot for an older guy in the AHL who busts his a** and would like to see him get one more chance to show if he can play in the NHL. You never know. Look at Matt Carkner. Toiled in the A for all those years and now is making over a million (I beleive) a year in the NHL after he got a chance to show what he could do. Not saying Henry or, even a Brian Willsie (is he still in Hamilton?) would do the same but you never know until they get that shot. Not saying every old guy in the A deserves it but some do. And there best chance to get it is when the Habs are out of contention
Willsie just returned from injury, he's been a bust of a FA signing but has been better of late. The Dogs could afford to lose him, losing a Henry or St-Denis would cripple them imo.

Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
Massive joke? Not really. I am not saying the two are similar in game style, just in talent ceiling.

St-Denis is not any more undersized than others. He is 1 inch shorter than Emelin and a few pounds heavier that Emelin.

Size is not what held St-Denis back.
Yea it kind of is. Cote was never in the same league as St-Denis as far as talent goes. You are comparing an average defensmen to one that is among the top in the AHL. There's no way on earth that Cote is anywhere near St-Denis in terms of talent. I don't know how many Hamilton games you have watched, but I have seen almost every single game year after year and I don't know how anyone could watch the two and think they have the same talent ceiling.

As for him not being undersized and heavier then Emelin, are we talking about the same player? Emelin is way thicker, he's listed over 220. If you took all the players equipment in Hamilton and put it on St-Denis I don't still don't think he would be "a few pounds" heavier then Emelin. St-Denis is skinny and lacks strength, imo that is a big part of what has held him back.

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