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02-24-2012, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Dirty Dutch View Post
Nahh, there were some posters who said that we wouldn't even sniff and some who were sure that we make it and the majority said we're going to be a bubble team. And you know what? We actually were a bubble team the whole season until the ASG (or until the Bernier and Poni moves) and started a big streak which makes us look very good right now and we are in a position where it's nearly impossible to not make the playoffs. But nobody saw those moves coming in the offseason and the majority was right, the team we iced for the first half of the season was a bubble team. That's it. How things went during that 4-game-losing streak wasn't cool but you can understand it when a franchise who made the playoffs so many consecutive years has an awful year and starts the next season very mediocre. That's why we're fans. I agree that we shouldn't exaggerate now and we shouldn't have exaggerated this much during that losing stretch, but man, that's why we care, we love that team and follow it every day and of course we react to things. But to say that many posters thought we wouldn't even sniff is not true.
I didn’t say the sniff thing. I always sniff, then I declare that neil peart is the best drummer alive.

no, I was talking about how people should chill the **** out when something happens, because all of us combined know jack **** when compared to lou lams, kovalchuk, or anyone else that actually works in the business. you talk about being a fan, but to me, being a fan is placing hope and faith in your team…that they’ll do the right thing and win it all every year. kind of like religion, but without the genocide. that’s all.

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