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02-24-2012, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by llamapalooza View Post
We've had this discussion several times, and I can pull out the USPTO listings again if you'd like, but Dallas does not own the North Stars trademark. The NHL does. If there was a Winter Classic, odds are decent that the NHL would actually be pushing the Wild to use that logo on their throwback uniforms, for marketability reasons.
I.. was... unaware of this.. Don't go thru any unnecessary effort because I totally believe it.. I ws just curious how long has the NHL owned the rights? That just seems strange because you'd think that the Stars wouldnt acquire it in the sale..

Also, hypothetically, if the Stars ever played the Wild in a Winter Classic, why would the NHL want the Wild to wear it!? You'd think they'd want the Original Stars franchise to wear it and they'd want the Wild to create a throwback jersey of their own...

Kind of like a New Minnesota vs Old Minnesota. Give the Wild a chance to conquer the old team. If the Wild wore North Stars stuff it would be like the Stars playing the Stars (which would be kind of cool) but I just don't see it happening like that, Also. I dont see the Wild going for it. They wouldnt want their first ever winter classic to be remember as them playing as a totally different franchise..

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