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02-24-2012, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Capn Brown View Post
1 Goalie (Quick) Rating : 1
2 - Big ShutDown D (Mitchell) Rating : 2
3 - PP QB D (Doughty) Rating : 1
4 Big First Line Center (Kopitar) Rating : 1
5 - Shutdown Centerman (Richards) Rating : 2 or 1
6 - Power Forward (Brown) Rating : 3
7 Sniper (Carter) Rating : 2 or 1

I take it Carter fulfills the sniper role?

If the idea is to constantly be looking to improve the 7 positions, shouldn't we be looking at a deal centered around Bernier for Landeskog? That might put us over the top......
You and others were correct about Johnson. I agree with the idea of replacing Brown.

The rub is fulfilling expectations - the ratings. Quick and Mitchell are the only two excelling. Richards has been ok, Carter should be ok, Doughty isn't quite there yet, Kopitar is going to be joining Johnson and possibly Brown on the outs if he doesn't make a dramatic improvement soon.

Ironically, Quick and Mitchell are up for new contracts, Doughty, Carter and Johnson have recently signed long deals and Kopitar and Brown seemed to be very well established. Growing pains are not to be unexpected and a retooloing is just part of the process.

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