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02-24-2012, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by RJ8812 View Post
Hartnell and Brown have pretty much had the exact same career
You're joking right? Hartnell has passed 50 points twice in his ten year career, Brown has done it every year except once in his six year career. And that is just comparing stats, not looking at the defensive part of the game.

Originally Posted by RetiredFlyer View Post
Actually, it's quite rare for a team in the middle of a playoff push or coming off a playoff season to deal their captain.

Do bottom dwellers like CBJ deal their captains? Sure they do. Do teams like the Kings and Flyers? Almost never.

This should be a red flag. I didn't say it means he should be avoided at all costs, but it should make you do a little more digging. When a team gives someone the C, it takes a lot for them to be willing to trade that player. Let alone in the middle of a playoff push.
It's true it doesn't often happen in the middle of a season, but it the Kings have a unique team, with Mike Richards waiting in the wings and apparently next in line for that C. Even if that wasn't the case, it wouldn't be (at least not IMO) related to his leadership abilities. By all accounts, Brown is in excellent captain. I've never seen or read anything anywhere that would suggest otherwise. Doesn't mean it isn't true, I know, but I'm not going to base my opinion on an unprovable theory. In other words, until someone within the Kings or elsewhere comes out and questions his leadership for reasons other than he is on the trading block, I'm not going to be concerned with that aspect of his game.

Beyond that, we just disagree about Brown's abilities. Simmonds is 23 and getting better. I see him being every bit as a equal or better than Brown going forward. He is already on pace for a 30-25-55 season in his first year w/ the Flyers.

And Hartnell is on pace for over 75 points this season. Yes, I doubt that Brown could ever put up 75 points.
I guess we really do disagree here. Let me ask you this, before this season did you think Scott Hartnell could ever put up 75 points? I know the general consensus around here that his lone 60 point season (which also happened to be his lone 50 point season until this one) was an aberration and he was essentially a scrub.

And even if you disagree about those two players being better or equal to Brown, you have to agree that they fill a similar role on the team.

Unless one of those two guys are going the other way, Brown becomes redundant on this team.
I agree that they are filling similar roles, but I'd also agree that if we want that role filled, I'd prefer Brown to be filling it. And there is nothing wrong with having three or even four players of this ilk on the team. Not every player is going to be a PPG player. Adding another 60 point player who is far superior on defense and most other aspects of the game in exchange for another 60 point player (and that is being generous to JvR at this point considering he hasn't sniffed 60 points yet) who is not exactly a defensive stuff does not seem like a crazy idea.

Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
The pieces talked about in this thread to acquire Brown I'd rather keep, or use to try and acquire Weber. Brown isn't a need.
I agree with you there, but if Weber isn't an option (which at this point he doesn't seem to be) I'd take a defensive forward like Brown. That being said, it looks like LA put the kibosh on this whole Dustin Brown rumor anyway.

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