Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Ryan Ellis reassigned to Milwaukee
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02-24-2012, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Joetimo View Post
Nothing you say is going to change my mind and nothing I say is going to change yours. I believe having ellis in the lineup gives us the best chance to win.
LoL. What's funny, is I completely agree with the bolded part. But you over-react to things so much on this board, you can't begin to comprehend that.

Important piece to the puzzle? So you want to keep Ellis around to make sure out 2nd PP unit is more successful is that important? For what? Their 30 seconds of ice time per PP? Is that all you want him around for? I mean, I'd MUCH rather have Suter and Weber play the entire 2 minutes and let Gill, Boullion, and Klein play the PK.

Btw, there is more to playing defense than being able to move the puck out of the defensive zone. It is about closing down angles, cutting off passing and shooting lanes, being able to separate body from puck, clearing the crease, winning board battles, and most important knowing when to step up at the blueline to give out a hit. To me, Ellis is good at 3 out of those 7 things.

You CAN'T tell me Ellis hits just as hard as Boullion. Ellis has always been a skill-first player and not a body-to-body guy. Boullion has always been a physical guy even at his smaller stature (think Tootoo). While I agree that I would 100% rather have Ellis over Boullion (mainly because of Ellis' potential but also because we badly need his puck-moving skills), at this point, both are about even on the playing field -- if not even, Boullion with a slight advantage. Ellis has a much higher ceiling and is MUCH better off getting 22 minutes of ice time a night in the AHL than he is sitting on the bench here. You don't want to hurt Ellis' upside just for (possible) current/present SLIGHT advantages.

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