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11-12-2003, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Hossa
Positioning can be taught, hockey sense can not. That's what Aki Berg lacks, that a guy like Wade Redden has. What does Stehlik do that Platil doesn't? Platil is big, has a hard, albeit wild shot, hits like a rock, and is superior defensively. I'd argue Schubert is also superior, as Schubert has played competent hockey at the Olympic level.

I've seen Stehlik a few times, and every time, he's been terrible. The guy looks lost on the ice. I'd rather take a guy like Platil or Schubert, who has that hockey sense and is farther along in their development, than a guy who IF he gains that hockey sense, could join them, and be a good 6th defenceman.
I hear your point, although I disagree. Hockey sense can come with time. Could be he's not used to the NA rinks yet and is still adjusting. Sometimes it takes a player a long time before they get a feel for the game at a higher level. I'm not saying that he's neccesarily a better prospect than Platil or Schubert but he does have NHL calibre tools which could develop into an NHL defenseman. The honest truth is that I would rather have Alexandre Sulzer.

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