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02-24-2012, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
Do I know the future? No. But the certain things are constants in this world, if you have followed the traditional steps (CHL, AHL, NHL) and have not cracked the NHL by 25, your chances of doing so at 26 are slim.

HockeyDB does not update either players size. It works both ways. Emelin is not some tree trunk sized monster, he just has good timing and is willing to hit. I do not compare the two besides the fact that they are around the same age and play the same position. What they bring to the table is different.
Sure but players can still make it later on, just look at Darche, who had a couple games under his belt but it wasn't until the last two that he really secured a spot in the NHL at age 33/34. I wouldn't write St-Denis off just yet.

Emelin is around 220, and St-Denis is no where near that, not sure why you have such a hard time with this. St-Denis looks more like he's around 185-190.

Also why would you quote hockey db if you know they don't update size for either, they often input the profiles after the NHL draft, and it's not uncommon for them to leave them that way. We all know different kids are going to grow at different rates, so if you know you have outdated info, even if it's for both, common sense says that one player could have vastly outgrown another player over the years.

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