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01-25-2006, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Cappy76
I'm 20 yrs old and play in a beer league in Va...before i joined this league i was playin in another league and this guy about 40 or so got pissed at me cause his son cheap shot me and i hit him....the next time we played in warm ups he told me and i quote "see you took your face mask off ( i was wearing a full cage for most of the year untill this game) now im going to rip your f-ing face off" lol well needless to say 20 secs into the game the guy took a run at me knocked me down and ripped my helmet off. that leauge if you got in a fight you were thrown out being it was only about 3 or 4 games in i didnt want to loose my 400 bucks that i paid to play so after the ref blew the wistle the guy turned around and just layed into me i had it on tape and after reviewing it recieved 20+ shots to the face...funny thing though. I got up laughin at the guy my addrenaline was running so high that i didnt feel a thing i just laughed the whole time said my teammates then after the refs broke it up i got up smiling at him and blew him a kiss mouth bloody and big a$$ cut on my forehead from a ring then skated off the ice cause for some reason i got kicked out of the game. they told me i swung back but from the video i didnt. and besides i still had both my gloves on and stick in my hand when the refs came to break it up....haha

Oh and not to say im a bad *** about laughin at the guy or takin 20 punches to the face...cause the next day i was deff feeling it..just not during the game

i demand the video, sir!

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