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02-24-2012, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by New York RKY View Post
I was so confiden the Rangers would get Nash by the deadline that I was waiting for when not if.

There are so many people saying they don't think it will happen that unfortunately I don't feel as confident anymore. It's not that I'm scared another team will come in and still him, I just don't think Howson will move him and I think that will be a mistake if he doesn't deal him now.

Hopefully we can still get him but I'm feeling more like he'll stay where he is for now.

If you have a small (really small) get offers, you think about it..Wait in hopes someone throws an extra cookie in the bag...Well, that's Howson..He's waiting for the Leafs to throw that cookie in the bag. He knows what the Rangers have on the table and if I'm Howson I walk..

Dubi : Hmmm possible 2nd liner, bad season, third line grinder??

Christian who??

Big young defensemen McIlrath - Nice, project, might even be a stud one day, or flop

1st - That's nice, as expected...

So really, what I can expect is a 1st rounder, a nice third line, possible second line grinder. Everything beyond that is a roll of the dice (even the 1st rounder)....Not enough, I walk and move him for more later if I can, if not I end up looking like an idiot over the summer when nobody really cares about hockey anyway, it will be news, but everyone will be out on a lake enjoying the weather when the story breaks...

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