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02-24-2012, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Frozenice View Post
Here's the paradox: If you hire an "astute GM" do you really think he's going to put his reputation on the line in the oldest, most prestigious hockey franchise in the world by coming in here, adding and subtracting a few minor pieces and see what happens.

You can probably get someone like McGuire to shuffle around a few chairs under the direction of Gainey, Martin and Gauthier but I think you'd have a tough time getting a top GM candidate who's willing to do that.
You are way underselling the Montreal Canadiens franchise.

You may look at the GM job in Montreal as being "too hard". Good. You would not make good management material with that attitude. However, there are enough potential GM candidates who would kill to have this job. The only thing holding them back is Molson. All Geoff has to do is pull the trigger on Gauthier. There will be a LOT of interest in the Habs GM job.

Can anyone send this article to Geoff in case he is failing to come to the same realization as the author?

Edit.....The city of Montreal is not the circus. Gauthier is the circus. Dont lose sight of that.

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