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Originally Posted by Jackpot View Post
I'll have to say it again, even though I said it before....

You're saying this team is going to get better with two UNPROVEN, (one of which has NEVER even stepped on NHL ice) player's. You're saying two ROOKIES are the key to the winning a cup, not this year, but next. Or maybe you're talking 3 - 4 years down the road ? Are we to expect Hank, Gabby, Richards are all going to be healthy and still performing as they currently are 3 - 4 years from now ?

I think it's a stretch, A REAL STRETCH to think C.K. even makes the roster to start next season, yet there are those who think he's Crosby v2.0 and will lead us to a Cup. I love the optimistic thinking, but it's pretty unrealistic, good heavens.

I (let me stress "I") think it's obvious this team is built to win NOW (obviously) and remain competetive as it's currently constructed.. MINUS ANOTHER LEGIT WINGER, and to gamble that based soley on the opitimistic grandure of a couple of rookies, or a rookie, a kid, is insane!! just crazy talk when I hear/see it... "I" have NO IDEA what C.K. will bring to the table of this organization next year, or future years and if you think you do, I'd like some Lotto number's while you're at it...

You clearly spent more time working on your hyperbole than you did reading my post. I'm not shocked. The pro-Nash folks are big on taking reasoned arguments and responding with "So YOU SAY that" (insert nonsense that the guy never even tried to say).

Who is talking about three to four years from now!? I'm talking about next year and the year after.

Also, please point me to anything I've said that even implies that I think Kreider and Erixon are keys to winning the Cup. I said they would help with scoring. I said they, in addition to a FA addition and added experience for McD, MDZ, Hagelin etc etc would make the 12/13 and 13/14 teams better.

This team is built to win now? I'm not saying it's impossible, and I'd love to see the team win this season, but every one of your arguments could be applied to your own statement. Outside of Staal and Girardi, our defense has a total of FIVE playoff games between them. Trade Dubinsky for Nash, and our top 6 isn't overly tested in the post-season either (really, Richards and Gaborik would be the only ones with significant games).

Let this team take it however far they can take it this year. When they've done that, THEN you can ADD top prospects, FA and such to a more experienced, post-season battle-tested roster. So no, I do not think that those two rookies are the key to a Cup. I don't think there is any such thing as a "key" to a Stanley Cup (something the pro-Nash folks seem to foolishly believe). I think they would be two small pieces of a mix of players--a mix of players I believe will be better-suited for a playoff run in the next two seasons than they will be this year (though again, I'd be thrilled if they did it this year as well).

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