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02-24-2012, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by SneakerPimp82 View Post
So you don't think that if Backes was in a slump offensively that he wouldn't be hitting everything in sight as a way to keep his game at a high energy level, or at least set a physical tone for the rest of the team? Like rumrokh said, Backes isn't hitting nearly as much, and when he does it's a soft hit. I too think he's nursing an injury of some sort. A shoulder injury would explain the lack of offense AND physicality, but obviously we can't be sure.

I hope we're wrong though, obviously.
Say he's hurt, it isn't very significant IMO. It's not like a menisus, where you can play on it, like Jackman has in the past. If he does have a shoulder injury, it isn't a significant one because if it is, he couldn't play if he wanted to.

I'm sure he is banged up because pretty much everyone is banged up in a physical league at this point, especially the players that play with physicality.

Backes has known to be in slumps. When you are in slumps, everything seems to be a bit off. This is no different than the typical Backes slump. I have full confidence that he will bust out sometime soon.

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