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02-24-2012, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Schooner Guy View Post
So 18 or 19 years of "futility" (maybe the most overdramatic reference ever on this board) because we haven't won a Cup in a 30 team league and you're ready to go postal. You certainly fall into that "entitled" category.

This board used to be a great place to read good Habs insight but you've been a significant contributor to it going in the toilet recently and to us losing some great posters.

I would like to apologize to the many who have Southern Hab on their ignore list for quoting him.
Can't agree with you on that one. That's not about winning a cup. That's about 1 3rd round in 18 years. The upcoming draft will have kids who were NOT born when we won our last cup. Not about remembering it. Not being born. And less and less people have to refer to their grandad to remember how this team was once good. I'm 40, and do remember the late 70's, but have more in mind the 86's Cup, the 89's Finals and 93' Cup. That's about it. So it's not about being entitled to a Cup every year. It's about hoping we would have went the Wings route. Hoping we would have improved. Hoping we would have become a force to be reckon with. Hoping that we'd become more than just "another" team in a 30-team league. That's what the Habs are supposed to be about. Not winning the cup every year. But being relevant almost every year.

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