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Originally Posted by pucky View Post
Sorry, guys, but this is not a troll or anything to stir things up. It's just one opinion albeit mine. I really believe that the Habs franchise and Molson is like the Leafs in one respect. I really don't think that a full tank or full house cleaning is coming. They don't want to miss the playoff receipts. Even if they miss the playoffs, a tune-up or 're-tool' as they call it now, is probably enough to gain 8th spot.

More and more teams don't want to tank and instead decide that a few major shuffles is enough to improve the team 'practically overnight.' Look at NJ and Ottawa. Also, unless you can get picks in the top 1-4, in the first round, there is no guarantee that you'll turn it around immediately from a good draft. But, the Canadiens might be sellers at some point but mostly for prospects and picks. That's my guess, though.

I'm in the camp who thinks the draft is very important and it's only bad judgment or bad drafting that screws up good opportunities if you have good draft position. It doesn't mean a tank is not a good option. It can be. But, Molson and co. probably don't want to go that route because it almost always means a major player movement of several in and several out, developing prospects and waiting for draft picks to be ready for the NHL.

The GM appears like he's made a lot of questional decisions such as the Kaberle acquisition. It'll be difficult to justify bringing him back no matter what route they go. Nothing short of a playoff spot even if it's the very last one should give him another opportunity.

My two cents.
The Gauthier fans hate you already for even mentioning the "Kaberle acquisition" being questionable.

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