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02-24-2012, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by David_99 View Post
Asset management has been the downfall of our franchise for years. From Patrick Roy to now, how many times have we clearly won a trade? Garon for Huet and Bonk? Rivet for Gorges + Patches? That's pretty much it. In 20 ****ing years. How many draft picks have we wasted? Drafted or traded for "Over-the-hillers"? How many young players have we lost in that time, only to do better elsewhere? Is it the management that's toxic or the city itself? Before Price and Subban it seemed "young and talented"(especially local) was recipe for disaster. As for managers, shouldn't the talent be lining up out the door to work here? Why are we always left with the former assistants(either ours or theirs)?

Molson should be looking for the best of the best(GM & Coach), with the second, best of the best as assistant(Gm & Coach)s. We've got two things clearly working against us. History and language. It's a reality and relevant, but true.

Today, with the 30 teams, the spreading of talent, the lack of french talent, today's media, and local owner with actual money to lose in their real jobs(beer sales), it really hampers our freedom to just go out and get the best of the best talent. Whether it be managers or players.

Personally, I hope this isn't the case from now on, but it's hard not to be skeptical. We have a heavier-than-usual monkey on our back, that won't go away, than at least 28 other clubs. Right now, chances at a cup being 1 in 30 are bad enough. Do we really have to put up with all this other crap?

I want Molson to say "**** it", drown out the outside influences and just go for it. Does anyone else feel they'll do that?
As a poster mentioned earlier, you are a spoiled and entitled Canadiens fan. How dare you want more than winning the Rivet trade?

In all seriousness, great post!!! We have been mediocre so long that a certain segment of Canadiens fans do not expect anything else because they have not seen anything else. This is a crossroads for Geoff Molson. Either he can move the franchise in a new direction or he can continue down the path of mediocrity, making the playoffs on occasion only to be guaranteed of an early exit.

The offseason will be huge as we will know which path Molson has chosen.

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