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02-24-2012, 08:00 PM
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There seems to be some confusion as to the pro draft and prospect draft in the off-season and how contraction will be handled. Here's what's going on:

1) The prospect draft will be in the inverse order of the standings with the bottom half of the league (or, in other words, the top 8 or less, depending on contraction, of the prospect draft) having a lottery so tanking isn't necessarily beneficial to anyone who decides to do so. The pro draft will be in the order of the standings, but with the lottery results of the prospect draft taken into account and another lottery, this time for the other half of the league, to decide the final order of the draft. I know that sounds confusing, but basically the prospect draft is in the opposite order of the standings and the pro draft is in the order of the standings except that both drafts will feature a lottery for half the league.

2) It is not totally decided how contraction will be handled. As soon as the off-season starts a roll-call will be taken and I will see how many teams will be contracted. The most I'll contract is six and the least I'll contract is two. That's all I can guarantee, but ideally I'd like to contract the league by four teams. Personally, I'd like the players of these contracted teams to be added to the pro draft, but there is a possibility of having a an entirely separate third draft for contracted team's players. After teams have been contracted and managers possibly replaced the league will then have a vote to decide whether the players of contracted teams will be in the pro draft or a third dispersal draft. Popular opinion decides it.

Simple as that. Sounds fair to me.

Also, I sent an e-mail to everyone to remind the league that the trade deadline is imminent and to warn and remind everyone to stay active by logging in at least.

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