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Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
You answered your own question: it has been like that pretty much since the last cup win. Look at every single GM, every single coach we had since them, and they were all run out of town, every single time, for supposedly sucking horribly. Many of these coaches have left us to win the cup elsewhere, or coach great teams. The only common denominator are the fans and the city, who have unrealistic expectations coming from a time long gone and won't come back.

Just look at how some people keep complaining about the habs last decade and criticising this period as a block - missing the obvious fact that the entire management team and ownerships have shifted many times during this period, making any kind of analysis at this scale completely pointless. People don't care - the whining is general, universal, and constant - a circus. It has nothing do to with Gauthier, who amusingly is probably the best GM we had for years. No, it's all about the sense of entitlement. A cup win would certainly calm it... but then, only for a while.
So the last Stanley Cup win caused a circus? 22 Cups could not do it but the 23rd did?

That makes no sense.

Our failures are a reflection of the Pierre Boivin era in Montreal. You complain about the coaching changes. Boivin was in charge then. Boivin gave us Gainey. Boivin approved of Gauthier. Boivin was the first president who thought it was more important to merchandise the brand than win on the ice.

We will be the same struggling franchise until every single remnant of the Pierre Boivin era is removed and erased from this organization. But..........we have Patrick Boivin as the director of hockey operations.......compliments of Pierre Gauthier as a favor to his old boss.

Molson must clean house and rid us of the inbred Boivin failure in Montreal.

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