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02-24-2012, 08:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
You answered your own question: it has been like that pretty much since the last cup win. Look at every single GM, every single coach we had since them, and they were all run out of town, every single time, for supposedly sucking horribly. Many of these coaches have left us to win the cup elsewhere, or coach great teams. The only common denominator are the fans and the city, who have unrealistic expectations coming from a time long gone and won't come back.

Just look at how some people keep complaining about the habs last decade and criticising this period as a block - missing the obvious fact that the entire management team and ownerships have shifted many times during this period, making any kind of analysis at this scale completely pointless. People don't care - the whining is general, universal, and constant - a circus. It has nothing do to with Gauthier, who amusingly is probably the best GM we had for years. No, it's all about the sense of entitlement. A cup win would certainly calm it... but then, only for a while.
This is such a load of crap... please don't lay this on the fans and say that it's unrealistic expectations.

How the hell is it unrealistic to expect the team to try to build at least a contending team at some point over the last 15 freaking years? And yes, it's been different managers but it's always been the same pattern... quick fixes. We don't ever take the patient route and DRAFT our way to a winning team. We don't deal away vets for prospects and we never draft high.

It is NOT the fans fault that we have had crappy teams. It is NOT the fans fault that we go through coaches like a kid with the runs goes through underwear. It is the fault of the management teams that we've had over the years. We flat out haven't had good players and it's killed us. We've watched as expansion teams who didn't even exist like Carolina, the Ducks and Tampa have gone out and won cups. We've watched as basement teams have drafted stars and leapfrogged us. We've sat there waiting for a decent first line center to come and it's never happened.

You can blame the fans all you want but it's not the fans' fault that Brian Savage doesn't turn into Brendan Shanahan. We keep drafting mid round guys and then wonder why they aren't stars. Not a single top ten scorer in a quarter century... pathetic!

It just makes me laugh when I hear crap like "our fans have a feeling of entitlement" that's just such a load... The club hasn't even been competitive man. We had one fluke season and that's it. And what's worse is that it's STILL going on now. If anything, the fans have been extremely patient with the crap that we've had to put up with over the years. What we've seen is unacceptable. So please point that finger in the direction of management because that's where it belongs.

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