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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
This is such a load of crap... please don't lay this on the fans and say that it's unrealistic expectations.

How the hell is it unrealistic to expect the team to try to build at least a contending team at some point over the last 15 freaking years? And yes, it's been different managers but it's always been the same pattern... quick fixes. We don't ever take the patient route and DRAFT our way to a winning team. We don't deal away vets for prospects and we never draft high.
Your entire "quick fixes" argument (and not only here, but on many posts on this board) regarding how the habs should rebuild throught high draft picks resides on the assumption that it is possible for a habs GM to get such a mandate from ownsership. But it is not. As much as you'll try to waive it away, businessmen don't think like you think they think. Ownsership won't ever risk the value of the team on such a risky strategy, unless the team's value was already very low, which isn't the case for the habs. There'll always be "quick fixes", because the team must try hard to make the playoffs every year, because fans don't buy as many **** and don't watch as many games if the team doesn't. It has nothing to do with management being mediocre or not: they are just working on assumptions different then yours.

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