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02-24-2012, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by RL605 View Post
Mortgage future CAP SPACE.
Are you, or anyone on this board, employed by a NHL team as a cap specialist? Do you not think that the Rangers have several people crunching the numbers at what could happen if different scenario's unfold with the new CBA and contracts that players could potentially get when they become RFA's?

Do you or anyone on this board have a crystal ball as to have is going to happen TWO summers from now?

Sather has done a good job with the rest of his staff building and developing players in this organization. He has not made a bad trade at all to the best of my knowledge. I think he's earned the respect where we as fans can just accept what he does here because it's in the best interest of this team.

And even if the dooms day scenario unfolds in two summers that the Rangers can't re-sign one of McD or Stepan, what if the Rangers win the cup this year and next before that happens.

Would it be worth it then? Who in their right minds would rather worry about re-signing a player two years from now instead of winning two cups? That is what adding Nash does to this team. It makes them serious favorites to go deep in the playoffs and win the cup.

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