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01-25-2006, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by JXC
Forsberg is physically unable to go four straight games, let alone four playoff series.
The training staff should not have let him come back until he was ready. There's something really wrong with the training staff that we have in that we've probably suffered more groin injuries than any other team in the league.

Originally Posted by JXC
Primeau's not coming back. I fear Radivojevic is done for the year.
Yep, gotta agree with that. I'm glad that Clarke told Primeau that if he can't go after the Olympics, he's being replaced. It's clear that without Primeau in the lineup, players have used that as an excuse not to play because there's no fear of reprecussion from their captain.

Originally Posted by JXC
Brashear, Savage, and Therien are empty tank veterans
They should have never been signed or they should have been bought out. This one of those cases where the bias of veterans over youngsters was prevalent. None of those three have any endearing qualities to the team.

Originally Posted by JXC
the adrenalin has worn off for Carter, Richards, Umberger, with Jones and Meyer soon to follow.
I beg to differ on that one. This is the time where they should be letting the youngsters run wild. Carter and Umberger only get 11 minutes of ice time per game. I watch them and they don't look tired, they look disinterested. And honestly, when you see a team of Brian Savages and Donald Brashears getting ice time and you have to scrape and claw to get it, would you not really care what happens? They play good games and there's no reward of more ice time. It's just the same old, same old.

This team has followed the same old course for too long. This is a team that refuses to open it up when they're down a goal or two and this is a team that sits on a one goal lead going into the third period. This is also a team that has no killer instinct when it comes to finishing off teams and this is a team that allows itself to be beaten by the lesser thans of the league. And the most frustrating thing is that you don't hear any of the players get angry. You listen to them and there's always an excuse. I just wish someone would stand up, be a leader for this team and tell everyone in the dressing room the way it is and how things are going to be done. Not one. We have a collection of gutless players right now and it's become real sickening to watch.

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