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02-24-2012, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
As the guy who keeps calling Nash a floater, I don't see how that game or that highlight does ANYTHING to disprove my point. He floats. He plays hard when HE wants to. I see him play a dozen + times per year. When he's interested, he puts forth all the effort in the world. My point is that he's NOT interested in doing that more often than not. Frankly, the fact that Nash blocking a shot made a highlight reel is kind of pitiful. You could make ten highlight reels out of nothing but blocked shots by this Rangers team. On the Rangers, blocking a shot is an expectation, not a "highlight."
The highlight wasn't of him blocking a shot. It was in the second avalanche goal, he went down for the block and he missed br my point is that the effort is still there.

Glen clearly consults with Torts and if they're going after him they believe that they could make I'm motivated to play defense all the time a la a Marian Gaborik when he first got here. People said he only plays defense when he wanted to, but look at some of the great back necking plays he's made.

I think that Nash could change his mentality as well to fit in with his team. If he's shown those blue collar traits then I think with a little strict coaching they can change him into a decent enough two way forward not to be considered a liability.

This guys has something that only one person has on our team. He is a pure sniper that is arguably one of the best goals scorers in the league when motivated and playing win talent. I think a change of scenery will be plenty motivation for him.

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