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02-24-2012, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
See, I read between the lines in statements like this and others and I see a fundamental unwillingness to trade players (and even top prospects) that fans have become attached to. "Oh yes, I want scoring, but figure out a way to do it on the cheap/temporarily without giving up my favorite players."

Why on earth would you want top-end GOAL SCORING to be the peripheral piece you bring in and then lose? These are the guys you lock up - it's why they get paid what they do. Look at Pittsburg, Chicago and Vancouver. The role players around the edges are supposed to be the guys you rent at the deadline.

This team needs true top-level, high-end scoring talent. Not "offensive" talent, but FINISHING talent. It is the one glaring hole in the organizaiton - and will continue to be until we acquire it from outside the organization. In order to acquire that talent, we need to A) abandon a season so that we draft in the top 5 and then wait for it to mature, B) sign it in unrestricted free agency or C) trade for it.

I don't see option A happening any time soon (and while I would've been okay with it the last two years, I'm not now that the team is in first place). That leaves options B and C, both of which require that you have to let go of the players/prospects you've become attached to, whether it be in a trade or because an incoming UFA forces them out for cap/roster reasons.

Rick Nash is the kind of talent we need. He's available. He will cost homegrown assets. There's no guarantee that Parise comes here or that there's even a season next year.

If you can get it done for the reported price - or even subbing in a Miller or an Erixon for one of the pieces - get it done.
Sums it up perfectly.

You cannot realistically keep ALL of your homegrown pieces when they're secondary players - that's too much money tied up in players that should be ADDED to a core of "star" players, like Rick Nash, Marian Gaborik, and Brad Richards. Throw in Callahan and Stepan. There's your forward core (with Nash). Fill in from there with ELCs or cheap rentals/free agents.

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