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02-24-2012, 10:32 PM
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Never ventured to the Rangers board. I come in peace as a day one season ticket holder for the CBJ. The biggest knock you can make on Rick Nash is that he can appear unmotivated at times. Personally I think the losing has taken its' toll on him. Nash is a player who does play in all three zones. He thinks offense first and certainly loses position in his own zone but he is not lazy and is not afraid to come deep into the defensive zone to make a play. I trust the words of Ken Hitchcock who characterized Nash as one of the best PK players in the league and a threat to score on every shift. Oddly enough Arniel did not see it that way.

Where Rick was on the #1 PK and PP unit when Hitch was the coach, he played less than 20 sec per game under Arniel (I did not look up actual stats but he was not in the top 3 PK units). Richards has given him a little more time but I guess the point is he is someone that can play in every situation. Nash is at his best down low and coming off the half wall. I've never seen him take a slap shop but he has a nice snap shot and his wrist shot is excellent. He's got good speed, hits and will stand up for teammates.

I know it's an over used statement on HF but for Rick, I would love to see him play with a solid top 6. I don't think he's a guy that is "the guy" on a team but with multiple threats he would most assuredly return to a 40 goal guy and 80+ pts per year. He's not perfect and clearly isn't in the class of Ovechkin, Malkin, Crosby. Full disclosure I grew up an Isles fan in the 80's but if there is a team that could get Rick the cup I believe it is the Rangers and that's more than just this year.

What people probably don't recognize on here is that Rick Nash IS the Columbus Blue Jackets in the city. It's like Payton Manning to the Colts (Status not necessarily impact). He is the CBJ franchise player and for most of us that means a high return. You'll see your idiot CBJ fans with proposals that are ludicrous but as a hockey fan I can tell you I haven't watched many players with the size, speed and skill set that Rick Nash has.

Good luck regardless. I just wanted to offer some insight (Which may have been provided in one of the other threads). If duplication my apologies. I'm just hopeful we get a good enough return to actually develop a winner in Columbus.

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