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More Fun Facts: This time I take DEFENSE into account

So, as many of you know I've been talking about my stat of the year which is only one team in 23 years has made the playoffs as the worst offensive team in the league. Some of you have felt that stat doesn't apply to the Kings because they're one of the 4 best defensive teams in hockey so Quisp actually asked me to show some Goal Differential stats that would be more indicative.

In order to compare apples to apples you have to do Goal Diff. since the League went to a 30 team/82 game schedule.

Back in the day when there were only 21 teams and 16 playoff teams in the league lots of teams had HUGE minus seasons and made the playoffs, so that's not indicative of today's game where last season NO team with a negative GD made the playoffs. So with that in mind,
  1. Since the League went to 30 teams ('00-'01) 160 teams have made the playoffs. Only 13 had a negative Goal differential or 8.1%
  2. The worst +/- Goal Diff is a tie between '00-01 Canes & 09-10 Sens (-13). Those Canes were 19th in offense, those Sens were 16th in Offense
  3. The only other double-digit negative team to make the playoffs since '00-'01 is '07-'08 Bruins (-10) and they were 25th in offense.
  4. None of the 13 teams in the negative that made the playoffs since '00-'01 were the WORST team in the NHL on offense.
  5. The worst offensive team that's made the playoffs since '00-'01 was the '03-'04 Blues and they scored 2.33 goals per game. The Kings would have to score 2.95 G/G the rest of the way to match the worst offensive team to make the playoffs in the last 11 years.
  6. The most number of negative Goal Diff teams to make the playoffs since '00-'01 per season is 2 and currently there are 4 teams with negative GD with playoff spots (NJD WPG, FLA & DAL).
  7. This season will be an anomoly as at least one team from the pathetic Southeast Division will make the playoffs with a horrible Goal Differential.
  8. Currently DAL has the worst GD in the West (-11) of teams with a playoff spot. Kings are a minus-3.
  9. As of now the team with a playoff spot with the fewest G/G is FLA (2.42 G/G). Worst in West is STL (2.49 G/G).
  10. LAK with its NHL worst 2.05 G/G would have to score 3.52 G/G to catch FLA in goals, which again has the WORST G/G of the 16 team w/ playoff spots.
Final analysis: While making the playoffs isn't out of the question, only about 8% of playoff teams finished where the Kings are from a Goal Differential standpoint and none of those team were nearly as anemic offensively as the Kings have proven to be. They've gotta get out of the offensive cellar quickly or it's futile.

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