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Originally Posted by se7en View Post
I actually asked the Wild once (via email)..

There's numerous reasons that it'll probably never happen...

For starters, Even tho the Wild organization knows how much alot of fans still love & miss the old North Stars (as well as their logo & name) the fact is that no matter how you slice it, the Wild are a totally different franchise.. The ONLY connection is that they play(ed) in the same state.. I know this is a poor example but it's almost like saying "I think the Islanders should wear an old Rangers jersey sometime to honor the hockey played in New York before the Islanders were around..."

The Wild are trying to establish their own identity & as much as us nostalgic fans would like to see a connection made, there really isnt one to make... Especially with the "Stars" franchise still a fixture in the league.. If the Stars ever folded there could be a chance but it's still not likely..

We're more likely to see the Stars bring it back as a winter classic jersey or use the old logo as a shoulder patch for like the teams 75th anniversary.. But even that is a stretch. Those jerks in Dallas basically erased the North Stars heritage.. There's nothing that infuriates me more than see all their "Stars, established in 1993" crap.. In my opinion if youre going to basically use our old name & secondary logo at least honor all your heritage. In my book it's all or nothing. Not this pick & choose crap they do..

I heard a rumor that a few years ago the Stars old owner (Hicks I think) offered Minnesota the option to buy back the logo & name rights so that the Wild could use it for throwback purposes but the Wild declined.. I have never had that verified but there was a good chance it did happen when the Stars started all their financial woes...

Trust me, it sucks.. I hate the Wild, well everything.. The ONLY reason I'm a fan is because they represent Minnesota. But I would do away with that name, jersey, logo, colors, everything in a heartbeat if I could.. Its grown on me a little & the logo is clever but I still think it's so cheesy & lame to be called "Wild" & wear xmas colors...

So ya, if there's anyone that wants that logo & name back, even if it's just for a single game, its this guy but it's very unlikely to ever happen... Modano throwing the old star capped N on & doing laps in our arena was probably the closest will ever get to seeing it take our ice again...

sorry for the loooooong explanation.
i agree 100% its makes me so sad that dallas is like that they act like they were never in minnesota, and i love the wild but... ya name and logo im just not a fan of, i think the wild need to rebrand themselves, new logo and new colors atleast. every year when i buy the nhl video game i create the north stars and substitute them for the wild...its sad i know

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