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Originally Posted by rangersbaby View Post
You have absolutely no clue dude. Provide some facts to your input. shows all line combos up to date.

Richards dubi cally have played together by almost double than any other line combo Richards has been on.
Followed by Richards cally hagelin then
Richards cally Feds then
Richards stepan gabby
Then Richards call anisimov
Followed by with a 0.93 percent
Richards prust Feds

He also has 1 more point then stepan who is 21 year old kid making 880,000 this year not 8 million dollars. He also plays 1:30 more per game than stepan.
Oh ya he is -2 on a 1st place team stepan +23. So please dont compare the 2 of them especially if your point is that he is outscoring him. 1 pt dude.
I really hope your right and tears it up in playoffs but up to now the dude is a huge bust for the price.
I'll take what dubi brings for 4.5 over what Richards does for 6.8 all day long.
I forgot the best stat of all.
Richards 4:03 pp ice time per game
Stepan 3:04. That's a full minute less per game
Cally 3:35
Gabby 3:25

Over 58 games that's 58 more minutes of pp time than stepan. That's playing a whole game on the pp and he has 1 more point than the 21 year old kid. Awesome comparison man. Way to think it thru.

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