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02-25-2012, 06:59 AM
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Originally Posted by LiveeviL View Post
Not obviously referring to the play as the follow up by him refers to more professional organisations in the Allsvenskan. I think it is unlikely that he thinks that the Allsvenskan is better in general than SM-liiga when it comes to the level of play.
I disagree. Saying league X is "better" than league Y without elaborating in what sense, to me it refers to the overall quality of the leagues (I should have said overall quality instead of level of play in the post you quoted. Poor wording on my part). If he had referred to professionalism he most likely would have left it with only saying the second part, that the Allsvenskan is "more professional".

Now we don't know what actually was said in the interview. It could be that the article is poorly worded. It also could be that Kalteva said something along the lines of "the Allsvenskan is better suited for me because the teams are more professional here" but was misquoted in the article. If that was the case then my interpretation would be different. But the wording as it is leads me to interpret the way I explained in the first paragraph.

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