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02-25-2012, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
For God sakes, just look at this season! Do you think the Molsons are happy about the results? About all the front pages they made for the wrong reasons? All the season ticket holders who are complaining? The sponsors who don't want to be associated with losers? Televised habs game being less popular? Do you see a lot of average fans being content over the thought of drafting high versus not making the playoffs? The Molsons know very well what happen when the team start to stagnate and miss the post-season a few time in a row. They don't want the franchise to look what it used to look circa 2000, when the Center Bell wasn't full every night, and team was the laughing stock of the city, and the franchise value less than half it is right now. They can't affort to ignore that.
A good part of the anger comes from expectations.

The habs were expected to do well. They weren't expected to fail like this. When expectations aren't met then people are angry, heads roll, etc.

If you go into the season knowing it's going to be a couple years of rebuilding, you have a young exciting prospect like Yakupov/Grigorenko, and you make room for young players and have them play a really exciting offensive style with a non boring coach like say Roy.. and players develop and get better... it will be a different situation because the expectations will also be different. People won't be as frustrated as they are now. They'll have fun games to look forward to, and exciting players to watch.

You can't just say "look how bad it is now, it will be exactly the same".

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