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02-25-2012, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by markman34 View Post
Simple question, do you think Richards is worth what he's being paid and all of the hype he was receiving going into free agency?
In a vacuum? No he's not worth the money. As an integral part of a team in which he's 3rd in goals, 4th in assists and 3rd in overall scoring, while allowing said team to roll 2 effective lines that opponents have to try and contain and currently sits on top of their conference? I'd say yes.

I had Richards pegged for 60-65pts unless he spent a full season with Gabby. Overall I would have liked him to do a little more, but I've also lost count of the times he's put a great pass onto a teammates stick only to see that shot go wide, get fanned on or be shot straight at the goalie. Should that be an excuse? No, but it is a mitigating factor IMO. Has it happened to other players? Yes, but I'd wager not to the extent of Richards. Add just a fraction of those chances being converted by a teammate (in particular a LW with an average shot or above) and he'd conservatively have another 5 pts, putting him 2nd in scoring and 1st in assists. If that was the case would everyone be bagging him?

Could Richards be playing better, yeah he could. Would the team be where they are without him, we'll never know (although I'd love to find out, why can't we have parallel universes????) but I say no.

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