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02-25-2012, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
First, the vast, vast majority of average fans don't care about prospects and drafts. They don't know who Yakupov or Grigorenko are, nor would they care if we draft them, until (and if) they become star players.
The fans absolutely care about prospects. Price/Pacioretty/Subban/Ribeiro/etc were well known even before they made the team. When the media hype machine starts up people get excited pretty fast. If we drafted the 1st or 2nd overall pick, especially a guy like Grigorenko who played in the Q... they'd know and care. Especially if he made the team in his first camp at 18. Which he would if we were seriously rebuilding. People would def. be excited. It happened in the past. It seems like you're disregarding the past completely to serve your own point. That's not very honest of you.

Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
Second, the habs circa 2000 is evidence that fans don't think like that. Expectations were low, results were low, but it didn't stop fans from *****ing.
lol the habs circa 2000 is evidence of that ? What ?

They're the evidence that if you're going to suck, do it right. The habs in 2000 did EVERYTHING wrong.

1. They drafted poorly so no exciting prospects for people to be happy about.
2. They never finished low enough to draft the real gems and never high enough to make the playoffs. Worst of both worlds. And it ties into what I was talking about, they never truly tried to rebuild and retooled/tweaked and created false expectations.

The Houle era is not rebuilding. The Houle era is just the team having no direction and wandering in the dark for years because the Molson wanted to sell the team and cut cost.

Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
The Montreal forum on hfboards isn't representative at all of how the average fans in the street follow the team. Unfortunately, a lot of habs fans are band-waggoners, and won't watch the team if it's not doing well, period.
You're arguing over something I never argued. I'm not saying the boards are representative.

As for the drop in attendance... it all depends on how the whole thing is presented to the medias and fans. If the games are fun to watch people will watch it. People get excited for young players like Price, Subban, etc. People would be really happy about having a young exciting player such as Hall, Seguin, Nugent-Hopkins or... let's cross fingers.. a Yakupov or Grigorenko.

And superstars bring money in the form of jerseys and what not to compensate from the loss in attendance - which can be prevented with the right marketing.

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