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01-26-2006, 06:25 AM
Captain Ron
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Just some interesting facts and figures for all to ponder.......

Kings Season standings since Murray has been coach.......and playoff results.

1999-00....2nd in Pacific/5th in West/11th in League........Lost 1st round 4-0 to Detroit
2000-01....3rd in Pacific/7th in West/13th in League........Won 1st round 4-2 over Detoit/ Lost 2nd round 4-3 to Colorado
2001-02....3rd in Pacific/7th in West/12th in League........Lost 1st round 4-3 to Colorado
2002-03....3rd in Pacific/10th in West/18th in League.......Out of Playoffs
2003-04....3rd in Pacific/11th in West/201th in League.......Out of Playoffs

Since Murray has been coach the Kings have never finished above 2nd in the Pacific/5th in the West/11th in the League. And the only playoff success the Kings can boast about is a first round victory against the Redwings (which I will admit was great but most other successful teams would deem a failed season).

Now answer me this question. Would this be an acceptable performance for a team that prides itself on winning hockey? ie a team like Detroit, Colorado, Dallas etc.

If your answer is 'yes' you are a liar. If it is 'no' then think you start to realize that the only reason that Andy Murray still has a job is because he works for the "The Los Angeles Kings" and not a "winning" organization. But the fact that he is coach of "The Los Angeles Kings" gives him the opportunity to produce nothing more than a "satisfactory" product on the ice, and the only reason it is "satisfactory" is because the organization has shoved mediocrity down our throats for so long and the fans tolerate/accept it.

I wish that we as Kings fans would demand more than mediocrity from our favorite team. That finishing 7th in the Conference was not something to be proud of/revered. That just getting to the 2nd round of the playoffs wasn't the ultimate goal. Maybe I just ask too much. That I have too high of an expectation from 'my' team. Perhaps I will get to the point where I am satisfied/happy (like many of you) with being just good enough to make the playoffs and being just good enough to get to the second round. Until I get to that point (which I hope never happens by the way) I guess you can all label me a whiner/pessimist with unrealistic expectations of my team and it's coach.

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