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02-25-2012, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by KingPurpleDinosaur View Post
i may have missed it, but what exactly are the negative nancy's (tomd and psp) position on this trade? let me guess, they have no position. because they are waiting for the first dip in the road before they can be "proven right".

ya, and psp, what high ranking prospects? teubert and schenn? without going through the list, i think only schenn is the one we're going to miss. and like someone else said, what cap space? you mean the $7+ mil coming off from penner and Stoll next year alone? that lack of cap space?
Well, Schenn was one of the top prospects in the NHL when he was traded.

The $7+ mil coming off from Penner and Stoll will be needed to replace those two players. DL has consistently overpaid mid-level free agents, so that money is probably already gone. It may or may not improve the team (although it would be tough not to improve)

Remember the early 2000s? The Kings didn't have much of consequence in the pipeline because they had traded away a bunch of high draft picks in the late 90s. Sure, they had players that you guys love to slam in hindsight, like Rosa, Lehoux, Shefer, etc. - but it left a huge void that led to the black hole days when there simply weren't any players in Manchester to step up.

Right now, the Kings have traded away over half of their 1st round picks or the player that they selected with that pick for the last 4 drafts and the next two. Doughty is part of the core, but Forbort is the only other one there. They have traded one of the next two with the Carter trade and who knows what happens before the trade deadline.

I was under the impression that two big factors in DL's plan were to build an incredibly deep pipeline and then keep your options open. I don't see a deep pipeline at all and it seems like he is almost out of options. The last several trades have involved the Kings giving up multiple assets and in return getting one asset, but now (with the possible exception of Bernier) he can't trade anyone without creating a huge hole somewhere else - and the Kings still have plenty of holes.

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