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Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
A rebuild is not possible because it doesn't make sense from the point of view of ownsership and management to attempt one. No habs management will ever attempt one, because no ownsership will ever accept it, because nobody who is rich enough to buy the habs is stupid enough to make this kind of business mistake. And I blame the fans (or at least, the fans who demand for such a rebuild) for not understanding that, and for calling multiple management teams over more than a decade incompetent because they took into account something that you chose to ignore.

If you ask management to "to look at the long term" while ignoring the money portion of the equation, then yes, you have unrealistic expectations. Hockey is a business. If you have trouble with this fact then what the ***** do you expect me to say? It won't go away just because you feel like it.

For God sakes, just look at this season! Do you think the Molsons are happy about the results? About all the front pages they made for the wrong reasons? All the season ticket holders who are complaining? The sponsors who don't want to be associated with losers? Televised habs game being less popular? Do you see a lot of average fans being content over the thought of drafting high versus not making the playoffs? The Molsons know very well what happen when the team start to stagnate and miss the post-season a few time in a row. They don't want the franchise to look what it used to look circa 2000, when the Center Bell wasn't full every night, and team was the laughing stock of the city, and the franchise value less than half it is right now. They can't affort to ignore that.
Quite frankly making statements like no ownership would allow for a rebuild in montreal is just speculation and conjecture on your part, with no actual merit.

The concept of businesses taking a financial hit in return for significantly greater long-term security is not some kind of radical new concept, besides, I think you're severely inflating the loss they'd incur just to try and prove your point. Bottom line, the onus is on ownership and management, period.

To think the fans have anything to do with this is just downright hilarious. I'm so sick of this "blame the fans" rhetoric that seems to be the trendy thing to do nowadays.

The fans aren't the ones responsible for the make-up and organization of this team, end of story.

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