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02-25-2012, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
Ok listen.

You guys think habs management can affort a tank-and-rebuild strategy? You think it's just a matter of competence? You don't want to understand how ownership doesn't see it that way? Please, be my guess, continue to be disappointed. Continue to have unrealistic expectations. I couldn't care less. Have a nice day
All I'm saying is that there are ways to make it work monetarily by minimizing the loss of attendance with the right marketing and by accounting for the added revenues from superstar memorabilia sales.

Then, if you do it right, and you end up building a contender, then you will end up making more money in the long run although it's riskier than aiming for 8th. Risk in business can be acceptable at times. And let's not forget that patchworks also have the risk of not working and you can still fail to make the playoffs, you end up with the worst of both worlds then with maximum frustration from the fans with no playoffs revenue and no superstar boosted jersey sales. So, there are risks associated with both.

Also, have you ever stopped to think it might be you who is a bit close minded and refuses to see any other possibilities than what's always been done before ? What's always been done before isn't necessarily the right thing to do, or even what will always happen in the future.

That said, I doubt the habs ever do that. Their loss (and mine I guess). Thankfully, we might take the right path by mistake. But I'm also perfectly fine with a new GM coming in and building a contender via trades/signings. It's gonna have to be a truly good management team though, enough with the Gauthier/Gainey/ex-sens losers crap. Never ever gonna build a contender that way.

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