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02-25-2012, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
I'm not sure if a rebuild is necessary though. Columbus needs to rebuild because they have no pieces. The Habs have a lot of pieces, they just need a coach/GM who can make these pieces work together and bring in ones that fit and remove ones that don't.

You have 2/3's of a 4th line in Moen and White
You have a 3rd line in Eller, Leblanc, Bourque
You have 2/3's of a top 6 in Pleks, Gio, Max, Cole
I think DD should be moved, but that's another story

You have the best young goalie in the league in Price

You have a solid defensive Dman in Gorges and one of the better young dmen in the game in Subban. Emelin looks to be a gamer and then add in Markov.

Then the prospect pool looks pretty good, especially with a lottery pick in there.

This team can be quite good with a GM who can make a couple moves to fix the D (not difficult) and add to the top 6 (fairly difficult). A good coach can also help a great deal as well.

A retool is sufficient IMO
I'm kinda crapping on you in the Koivu/captain thread, but when you break it down like this, you're right. With significant improvement to just 3 spots in the forward lineup (as you highlight above), this team could really become something. At least something worth watching until some of those guys above come to the end of their days and have to be replaced as well. Most are in their late 20s/early 30s, though, so we have a few years before worrying about that.

The defense is another story, but I think there's a GM out there who could turn this franchise around with a "simple" re-tool, meaning a complete rebuild isn't necessary, imo. Might turn out to be a slower process than an aggressive rebuild, but it's possible, imo.

Having said that, on a micro scale, if you're last place by the trade deadline, there's no sense trying to claw your way out of a lottery pick, imo. Get the most out of a bad season (i.e. best pick and chance at a game-breaking talent possible), avoid the urge to tear it all down, and get to work for next year.

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