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02-25-2012, 11:25 AM
Very slippery slope
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Originally Posted by EsposHounds View Post
I would say that the coach is saying he is a better player cause the TOI would tell you that. Guys like you Broadway are drinking the Richards Kool aid and he has been a complete bust. If you watched the games you would see the same things some of us are seeing. You were the guy all summer saying that he was the guy that was going to fix the powerplay and be this hero that we have been waiting for. IMO Stepan will be mean more to this team in the future than Richards will. The guy has no give a **** factor what so ever and it shows up on the score sheet every night. Do you really think to this point of the season that he has been worth the 7 million dollars we paid him? Or has he been a bust like a lot of us believe?

Meanwhile Stepan has 1 less point.

Meanwhile Stepan is a plus 23 and 6th in the NHL and Richards is one of only two forwards on this team that is a minus. My guess is is that Stepan could care less if he has 1 less point than the 7 million dollar guy and would much rather have the coaches trust, which i am pretty sure he has!!!!!
God do you not have any idea what you're talking about.

Stepan has spent the entire season with the best forward on this team. Richards has not had any real constant linemates up until recently and has played a lot of plugs. Yet he's STILL outscoring Stepan! This is without any real help around him. Without any sniper. Having to do all the work himself.

This kind of view is the same shortsighted view that makes people think New York fans are ridiculous. Let's judge a guy who has had a hell of a career up until this point on half a season where he's playing with zero help. Boy. I'm sure glad you don't run this team.

And coach's trust? Torts simply does not want his two top forwards on the same line for some reason. So far it's worked. I disagree with it, but whatever.

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