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11-12-2003, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by DKH
I have June 2005 in my office pool as to when Mike Milbury trades Nilsson but I'm concerned he may not last long enough for me to cash in. As a 20+ year Bruins season tix holder and someone who still went to atleast 5-15 a year since 1966 and was there for MM first game (there was a guy in the next lodge over who would yell 'snow shoes' once a game when Milbury was lugging the puck those early years) I can only say I am happy he never lasted long enough to replace Harry Sinden. Of course, he never would have lasted long doing what he's doing on the Island. Had he even thought out loud of trading and signing for Yashin he would have met a similar fate to Dave in Mystic River and thats exactly where he would be at the bottom of.

We were watching how good Raffi Torres looked last night against the Broons and wonder what is the carnage he has done on the Isle? What would or could that team look like? Truly amazing impatience and destruction and how he hangs on I don't know- just please stick around for my pool Mike.....

For one UYashin has been really good so far this year. Another thing is I still like the Torres trade he looks good so far, but Niinimmaa although he has struggled a little bit gives us 4 really good d men. Also we could afford to trade Torres when we have the good young players we have. Kvasha is breaking out this season, Hunter has been excellent, not to metion Weinhandl who should be back on the Island soon after his rehab at the Port is complete, as well as Papineau who although not ready yet looks like he can be really good once he gets stronger. Milbury has made some bad trades, but he has also made some good ones, Aucoin, Scatchard, Blake just to name a few.

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