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02-25-2012, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
Brown and Roy are each good players. If the money situation were to work out and those teams would take the main piece of Stewart back then I'd do it. However, that's not the same thing as me saying I think it's likely.
Oh, I completely agree. The chances of either one happening are IMO significantly less than 50%; way under likely. I do wonder if Strickland is correct in us looking at Roy. The Brown report is pretty much a no brainer, of course we would at least be interested in a line with Backes and Brown together.

Both of them have manageable salaries and both would be satisified if not prefer to play in a mid to small market like we have. Brown doesn't really participate in LA's night life, so he wouldn't mind less attention.

Again, there are multiple factors, that make us going after either one, unlikely.

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