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01-26-2006, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by King Blazer
This is a good point...

Last season the Monarchs went with a forward on one point during the PP for pretty much the entire season. They were mediocre on the PP and lead the AHL in SHGs against. It's my understanding that using a forward on the point was a mandate from the Kings. They tried it in L.A. this season and the trend of giving up SHGs carried over into the NHL...

The Kings always point out that Manchester plays the same systems as they do which makes the transition between the teams easier. BOTH the Monarchs and Kings PP numbers this season SUCK. The Kings are currently ranked 25th with a 15.1% success rate. The Monarchs are also 25th (out of 27) with a 12.9% success rate. Their SYSTEM isn't working at either level. Coincidence? Maybe...

What's interesting here in Manchester is that the most mobile player on the PP is Pushkarev. He's very much like Samsonov in that he likes to skate with the puck in the zone, circle the net and so on. He was benched a few games ago and was basically told to watch how he's expected to play because his linemates were getting confused playing with him...

They can't make the PP work in Manchester or L.A. and Manchester benched their most creative PP forward for trying to create...
Mechanical X's and O's...........gotta love it! that's why guys like Chartrand and CJ had a career in LA. Our dump and chase has fizzled out like a bad fart. It takes us a whole two minutes of gaining full control of the puck....unfortunately, PP time wasn't changed in the new NHL rules. I watch tons of games and every team flies into the zone with the puck (possession). We dump and chase, and never retrieve.....why is it rocket science to the coaching staff. Change your thinking already! Cammy, Lubo, and Demitra are the only three that do this.

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