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02-25-2012, 01:58 PM
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The Impressions of this Team Start to Now

I'm a Sabres fan, but the Blues are probably my second favorite NHL team, mostly because I think St. Louis is one of the better (and one of the most under-respected) American markets and cities (like Buffalo), but I don't follow them too closely.

At the start of the season, I looked at last year's Blues, their hot start, their injuries, and their crippling mid-season plunge and thought they were a threat to win the division if they had a bit more luck. I looked like an idiot for about three weeks until they started kicking a-- and taking names. So my question is this for those that follow the Blues much more closely:

Did people know this was a good team from the beginning? Did they retain faith through the slow start? Or was it more of an "let's see what we have" thought?

P.S. What the h- is wrong with your special teams?

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