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Originally Posted by PSP View Post
Jack Johnson was often more JWTFJ than JMFJ, so his loss won't be too big so long as Carter comes here to play. I understand that you have to give up assets to get what you want, but the loss of another 1st round draft choice is disturbing.

If Carter was the last piece of the puzzle, then absolutely make that trade - but does anyone honestly see Carter as the final piece to push them over the top? I understand that DL had to do something at some point to preserve his job. Is this move likely to make a difference this season? I don't know.

The other part of this that bothers me a bit is - if this was the path that DL was going to take, why didn't he start this 3 years ago instead of all of the fillers and bridgers or whatever that he spent a fortune on? If you can get solid players with good contracts for picks and prospects or young players, why wait? How many of the prospects in the Kings' pipeline went up in value vs how many have dropped in value? Do you think that you could have traded Hickey for more 3 years ago than now?

Hickey was a huge Reach and Injured his first pro year. His value is probably higher now then it ever was.

I don 't care about the First round pick(it's also conditional) it would have been in the 17 to 20's range. So far Dean has proved he sucks picking in those range's.

Carter is what the Kings lack bigtime(I don't care he is a Center the guy will shoot and score), Johnson is trading from a strength.

It is what it is , Dean screwed himself by not picking skilled forwards back in 2006 on. Letting Cammy/Frolov go not signing Gabo, the list goes on. But it's done, I don't blame him for trying to better the team. But I do blame him for having too cause of his mistakes.

But Like I said it is what it is. I am still a Kings fan.

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