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Originally Posted by hogtownhabsfan View Post
Honestly I think Gauthier is doing a heck of a job, pretty much every move has been a win, and a one year tank is exactly what we need to acquire that one elite forward that has been eluding us. The on ice results are obviously disappointing, but thats not the GMs responsibility. Not sold on RC though.
Someone can quote this with a 'Not sure if serious' joker pic? Too lazy to google it...

I mean really?? Every move has been a win, are you ****ing living under a rock or something? First off, Kaberle, Campoli, Nokelainen, are not exactly considered 'good moves'. In fact, they rank at the Top 10 worst moves of this season.

Telling your coach to show off Gomez on the PP and on ES is also a terrible idea since nobody's gonna pick him up anyway. This guy is a distraction to the team. They are wasting talent and the development of their younger players, ie. Eller, DD, Leblanc.

The Jacques Martin firing, even though overhyped by the media, was a classless move and a stupid one at that, as we were still 4 points close to the 8th spot and had a game plan that was still clear and solid, even if not well executed by the players.

The Bourque move was actually interesting when you look at what it brings (or remove) on the salary cap. But that's it. This player has no impact and looks to be yet another Kostitsyn/Pouliot kind of player... you know, the lazy ones Montreal seem so fond of. Still, I'll wait till next year for my final judgement on him but let's just say I'm really not impressed.

The Gill/Geoffrion move is quite good I must admit, but unless Geoffrion starts the season with the big club next year, this is yet another irrelevant move.

As for the tanking, for the last time, there will never be a team that's gonna lose games on purpose, and if you think it's the plan here, you have never played a competitive sport in your life sir.

The management in place is also very bad at coach/developping the guy who could become our franchise player for the next decade: Subban. They are destroying him, literally. I'm all for 'breaking' a player ect, but there are limits to holding his abilities and telling him not to go offense. HE is the guy who should transport the puck off the blue line, not ****ing Gomez! But yeah, I know Subban can be a ***** at times, don't worry I'm not defending him, I just think this guy should be developed differently. Take your time with him, and stop having the impression he should be our Lidstrom right away. Oh he'll be our Lidstrom. But not now when he's 22 years old and plays without an explary defensman like Markov and has ****** teammates.

Also, what's up with Plekanec? Can't Cunneyworth just disband the Cole-DD-Pac line for 2 games, just to see what Pleky can bring with them? After doing it all year long with Gomez while the Cole line was working and now that it's not as effective they let it in place? What the **** with this coaching staff.

Oh while I'm talking about coaching! Ladouceur! Get this moron out of this team ASAP. He's breaking what's left of optimism in this locker room.

Coaching? Larry Carrière. Nuff said. No experience as a coach as well. Good job PG.


So? Still think Pierre Gauthier has made awesome moves?

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