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Originally Posted by RoninNYR View Post
Do expensive skates last longer than mid level one's?

I am a very strong skater, i use a 7/16 or 3/8 @ 6ft 200lbs and my skates seem to breakdown after about 2 years but i really do put some force on them...
Generally, yes they are more durable. Weight should definitely be a factor in selecting a level of skate as heavier-set people put more stress on the boot, thus requiring a stiffer skate in most cases.

Originally Posted by Puckclektr View Post
this. And like someone said, spend the money on skating lessons.
Do not buy a pair of skates under $100, and you don't really need to pay for a pair of skates over $250.
Many people say the main reason is that they are lighter, which is pretty retarted. You have a 50lb leg and you think that a handful of grams is going to make a difference.
Originally Posted by Puckclektr View Post
Unless you can really afford $600 skates it really isn't worth it.
Unless you are a professional hockey player it makes about as much sense to spend $600-900 on skates as it does to buy a 4 year old a composite stick.
I'm going to argue that the safest/highest value/best performance pricepoint for skates is smack dab in the $250-$300 range for your average rec leaguer and up to $400 if you want that boot to last a long time. Anything more than that is unnecessary, agreed.

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