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02-25-2012, 06:38 PM
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There is so many wrong things with that news. First, if you go as far as to say that Gauthier is no longer running things.....shouldn't you be sure enough to say that based on that Gauthier will be fired as soon as season's end? Why didn't he mention that?

Then....HOW THE HECK SHOULD I BE REASSURED if what it means is that Gainey runs to show again? Can somebody please try to make sense out of this?

If Molson uses Gainey and Carrière to help him during that process....isn't it safe to think that there's a strong possibility that they are the ones taking the job in the summer? How the heck should it be great news? Gauthier is bad 'cause he's unable to fix the mess....that GAINEY FREAKIN CREATED!!!!!

Molson should take advice solely from Timmins at this point. And fire the rest of the joke we have as management.

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